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Here is a message, and action alert from GOA:

Send a Message about this to your Congress person

Given Obama’s “veto pen,” all of the pro-gun policy for the next two years will probably be achieved on the “Continuing Resolution” -- or not.

When April 15 hits -- and millions of Americans are hit with hundreds of dollars of ObamaFines -- Republicans may be able to create a massive fight over ObamaCare’s unconstitutional mandates.

This could be the best chance that gun owners have of eliminating a backdoor gun ban -- where health data is compiled on millions of Americans and used to disarm gun owners (similar to how 175,000 military veterans have already been disarmed).

But we can’t do it without a short-term CR.

Finally, with respect to the anti-gun amnesty provisions Obama is about to illegally promulgate by executive fiat? You can address these in a Republican controlled Congress. But you can’t, so long as Harry Reid is in the catbird’s seat.

So please let Speaker Boehner know that Americans didn’t put Republicans into the majority so that they could then cede all of the spending and policy decisions to Democrats for 37.5% of the next congressional term.

It’s time for the Republican leadership to show some backbone. And the first step is a short-term CR.
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