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Good price for used FS2000?

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Hello, new here and this is my first post. I've been wanting to get a SBR sized rifle without all the SBR hoops. I had narrowed it down to either the Tavor or the FS2000. Today I walked into my local fun store and they had a used 2000 for 1450.00. It has a ding on the barrel but other than that it looks to be in good shape. I think this is a good price based on what I have seen on the net, what is the forums opinion? Being used is there anything I should pay extra attention to as far as the gun itself? Thanks
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After doing some reading on the forum I realize the gun is a 9000 series, knowing this would it still be a good deal?
Being a 9000 series rifle does not make the rifle have any less value as far as operations are concerned. It only means that some people got lucky when a contract failed and the supplier used the parts to make rifles out of them (what a surprise.....all rifles are made from "parts"). The value of a 9000 rifle is the same as the value of a non 9000 rifle, monetarily or otherwise.

It is a good price. I would like to more about the ding though......
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My FS has cut in the under side of the barrel also...has an A2 flash hider now
Make sure your barrel is 16" or longer. If you are using the flashider as part of the 16" barrel length, it has to be permentaly fixed to the barrel (pinned, welded, etc) or it is a SBR and requires a NFA stamp.

You probably know this already but better to be safe.
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