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Good price for used FS2000?

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Hello, new here and this is my first post. I've been wanting to get a SBR sized rifle without all the SBR hoops. I had narrowed it down to either the Tavor or the FS2000. Today I walked into my local fun store and they had a used 2000 for 1450.00. It has a ding on the barrel but other than that it looks to be in good shape. I think this is a good price based on what I have seen on the net, what is the forums opinion? Being used is there anything I should pay extra attention to as far as the gun itself? Thanks
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Welcome!!! :)

Since they are hard to find right now, that's a good price any day. :?

The charging handle should not be "HK slapped." It may break with out doing that, but you can find a Judochop aluminum one to fix it permanently.

When reassembling the rifle after field stripping, make sure you put the "switch" in the correct position, other wise you can break it. The switch is a white U shaped plastic piece that lifts the spent round up to the ejection tube.

Good to go other wise.
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After doing some reading on the forum I realize the gun is a 9000 series, knowing this would it still be a good deal?
I have an "9000 series" FS2000. Nothing wrong with it. :?

It was made with parts that were ordered from a country that backed out on the order. FNH decided to make rifles out of the extra parts they were sitting on.
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I suspect that what you are seeing is normal. On the side of the flash hider, you will see an area of bright metal. This is where the flash hider is pinned to the barrel.

The first time I saw this, it looked like a defect also.
Normal, mine is like that. :?
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