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So, I won this in a drawling off a 31 dollar ticket last month. Fullsize MRD with Suppressor Night Sights and the rear sight wing. Came with 3 mags too. It was an LE model, but had the standard trigger. I fired it 63 rounds to find POA and stuck it in the safe.

Anyway, buddy of mine bought it from me when I was building funds for a Stacatto C2. Long story short, he never fired it and left it in the safe. He text me needing some cash for an upcoming purchase and hit me up. I have one of my 509's back.

Picked up an RM09 on my lunch break as well. If I remember right, I hated letting this go as the trigger was very nice.

Fence Picts:
Air gun Trigger Grey Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Grey Gun barrel Wood
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