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Great deal.

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A few days ago I came across an ad on another gun site that advertised raised FNX sights for sale. They were listed @ $60.00 shipped. I contacted the seller and he confirmed that they were new condition FNX 45 Tactical raised suppressor night sights. He also sent me pics. So, I bought them for $60.00, sent payment today. Exciting!!

Now my stainless FNX 45 will be closer to a Tactical clone as it already has the threaded barrel.
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Can I ask you a question sir? In your signature and your avatar picture, you already have two FDE FNX's. What is your reason for wanting the make your stainless closer to tactical? Are you suppressing the stainless FNX?
My favorite handgun is the FDE FNX 45 Tactical. My stainless FNX 45 Tactical clone is my off duty gun and since FN does not offer a stainless version of the Tactical, why not? Chances are I will not have the slide milled but my plans are, eventually to buy a suppressor.
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