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I have been looking for a green 90 with rails, but all I can find on gunbroker is black with rails. Are there green ones for sale?

I guess black may have to do. It will blend in with my Mustang's interior :).

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Green Tri-rail

I am an FFL Holder.
Check with your local FFL Dealer or Bud's Gunshop.
Have them contact the RSR Group. RSR shows them on hand, but allocated. It shouldn't be that hard to get or at least, not that long of a wait.
If you have difficulty locating one, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

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follow that advice. I used to live next door to the RSR GM.
But I still wanted to pay my dealer so he has a little income, as he helps me on a whole list of side projects. He had to kind of pester someone at RSR for about a month to get his dibs.

My gut feeling is that it's an odd business(distributors) and it's just a question of pestering the right people in RSR. And it shouldn't take long as mentioned above.
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