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Green Side Mount Accessory Rails???

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If there is enough interest, we can offer Side Rails for the PS90 with a Mil-A-8625 Hardcoat green anodize protective finish in the same color spec as the green model Stock. We just finished a run of rails for another application in Flat Dark Earth and are working on the Spec certifications for:
Desert Tan
Jet Black
OD Green

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I figure I will post here too, but pm me when you get more. :)
Are these made for the TR or the USG, or both?

I just wanted to make sure but these rails do fit on a PS90 TR, right? I haven't messed with my rifle in about 2 weeks and will not have a chance to even see it until next week.

If I remember correctly there was only one screwhole with a very small rail on it, or were there two? (I hope there are 2, because I want these, I won't tap a new hole in the rail if I have to, to make these fit)

this picture only has one screw hole on the side I think I might have bought the wrong rails.


was I supposed to buy the 5-slot side extension rails with the screw in the center?(only has the one screw)

I am having a lapse of stupidity at the moment :roll: I will hunt for answers on the forum though.
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ShipWreck said:
Those are rails for the standard PS90 (2 screw holes). The tri rail siderails are different - go look at the Karma I have going in the main PS90 area. I have a pic of those.
Yeah I saw that Karma and that is when I had a moment of..."oh crap I bought the wrong extension rails"

So to clarify these that I just bought will not work on my Triple Rail will they? Looks like I am going to have to try to exchange.
ShipWreck said:
Correct, they will not. Sorry.
Ah I am such a horses ASS!!!! :cry: I just hope CD will let me exchange...and he will Critical Dimensions ROCKS! :p
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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