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Griffin Armament 30 cal cans vs. Silencerco 30 cal cans

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So, does anyone here have any experience with Griffin Armament cans and the various Silencerco cans? I'm specifically looking at the QD models (maybe the taper mount on the GA can's - but do those loosen like direct thread?)

So, I'm looking at the Omega and Saker 7.62 as well as GA 30SD and maybe Recce 7.

Use would be for 5.56 AR's, maybe 300 Blk and eventually a 17s and will probably get used on my 308 bolt gun - which is where the big question for me it.

I have some concerns about the GA 30SD repeatability and lock-up of the can (and the can wobbles which is apparently normal, which seems weird to me) as well as the GA taper mount and I'm not all that familiar with the QD lock-up on the Omega either.

At this point, the best lockup appears to be the Saker to me, but I have no real world experience. Which of these suppressors would be best for use on a precision rifle (bolt action) and also work very well on a carbine/battle rifle (don't have to worry about it working loose)?

The GA can's seem to have a little better suppression than the Saker (and on par with the Omega, maybe not quite as good) and the Omega is the lightest - which is a plus, but some of the Griffin cans are pretty light too.

Or maybe there's a better option? I know Dead Air is coming out soon, but I haven't many/any independent tests of those yet.

Sorry for the rambling :?:
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First test video in a series ... 5.56 cans to start but pretty impressive stats with both the SilencerCo/SWR and Griffin cans. My lowly M4-2000 could not compete! Boo-frickin-hoo :cry:

Good luck with your choice Dan ... don't think either manufacturers cans would be a bad one.
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