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A homeowner in Florida met five burglary suspects with a gun, chasing them from his home — and into the surprising path of a female, a former boxing professional neighbor who was only too glad to help.

“I knew I couldn’t shoot them,” Ira Roberts told the Orlando WESH-TV station. He and his wife watched as several people tried to break into a facility that was attached to their main home. “Legally, you can’t shoot them when they’re running away. So I pumped one into the ground. Which was good, it alerted all my neighbors.”

And responding was neighbor Beverly Rose, a 44-year-old former professional boxer, who sprang to action and tackled one of the suspects, United Press International reported. Her victim? Twenty-three-year-old Justin Goodrich.

“I did make a comment to him — how he liked being caught and tackled by a 44-year-old woman,” she said, UPI reported. “He just kept shaking his head.”

Four other suspects were later identified and captured. All five were charged with burglary and theft, UPI said.
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