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Neighbors on Big Pine Key might be upset over a backyard firing range at a private home but the Monroe County Commission must stay out of it, County Attorney Bob Shillinger said Thursday.

"Just to be clear, your hands are tied," Shillinger told commissioners, meeting in Key West.
The Florida Legislature has passed stringent laws that prohibit local authorities from trying to regulate shooting on private property unless the shooting is done "recklessly."

Residents of Big Pine Key's Eden Pines subdivision have contacted county with concern about Doug Varrieur's backyard target practice.
"If ever there was an area where the Legislature has clearly expressed [to] local government not to regulate, this is it," Shillinger said.
Commissioners could be severely penalized for even trying to pass restrictions, he said.
Saying he is "no enemy to the Second Amendment," Commissioner George Neugent continued, "I would have concerns if somebody was shooting guns next door to me."

"There are little small cannons you can fire that break windows, they're so loud," acting Mayor Danny Kolhage said. "Are there no limits?"
"This is preemptive to the county's ability to zone and provide other kinds of protections," Kolhage said.

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Where is this acting mayor getting his information about cannons? Is he just alluding to the fact that people in general can legally obtain and fire one, or is this guy actually shooting them? on his property?

I don't know how to weigh in on this, if it's residential, I thought that it's illegal to fire in a residential area in FL... if it's not residential and it's rural areas, it'd have to depend on how close the neighbors houses are, and if this guy is doing it when people are sleeping, I guess...
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