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Firearms will be literally jumping off the shelves across Florida this weekend.

More than 6,000 guns are expected to be sold on Friday alone. By the end of the year, the state will have conducted a record 800,000 plus background checks, that's double the number of background checks conducted in 2007.
Robin Sparkman, a firearm purchase program supervisor, said, “Our goal is to ensure that all law-abiding citizens are able to purchase guns legally while preventing those who are unauthorized from having them."

Background checks are conducted twelve hours a day, every day everyday of the year but Christmas and New Years. It takes 62 people to keep up with all the calls coming in to the Department of Law Enforcement.
Only about 2% of the background checks requested by licensed firearm dealers like this one are refused.
With so many guns being sold, Robert Kornegay thinks guns, and gun safety is a good investment. He and his family opened this indoor shooting range three months ago.

"Public safety is number one with the people today and people want to have a firearm but they want to be safe," said Kornegay.
The range charges $20 an hour to shoot, before making the investment Robert did the math.

"We saw the trend of gun sales going up, we thought that would be a good place for us to be," said Kornegay.
Just over 5.1 million guns were sold in Florida over the last decade.

The busiest day on record for gun sales was just under 9,000. It happened in the days following the Sandy Hook shootings last December.

Guns Sales to Set Record
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