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Oppose H.R. 437: Assault Weapons Ban of 2013
Dear your representatives:
I oppose H.R. 437: Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 because...
Quite simply stated this Assault Weapons Ban infringes upon our rights as citizens of the United States. Our right to keep and bear arms is clearly outlined by the second amendment. The words written into the constitution by our forefathers "shall not be infringed" are not to be taken lightly. You who support the Ban are blatantly infringing upon our rights and it will show when it comes time for your reelection or lack thereof. There have been many cases where the weapons this Ban affects have saved lives. I personally am tired of these tools being attacked as if they have a conscience and committed these atrocities of their own free will. The individuals that used these tools are clearly responsible for the aforementioned atrocities and the blame lies squarely on their shoulders. If anything you as the government and your advertisers (the mainstream media) should be educating the general population on the safe handling and storage of firearms starting at a young age. Instead the media is spreading fear and panic all the while this Ban you’re voting on is giving those that fear firearms more of a reason to fear them.
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Mr. kameron kelly

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Florida’s 4th district
You Changed the Pie Chart!
Keep up the pressure in your Congressional district by spreading the word about H.R. 437.

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