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Handl defense lower/giessle super scar trigger issue

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I own a Belgian SCAR 17s with a gen 2 handl defense lower. I bought this gun from a previous owner. As far as I know the handl defense lower came shipped with the giessle super scar trigger already installed.

Recently the super scar trigger has declined in the responsiveness and quality of the trigger pull. What this means is that it takes noticeably more force to have the trigger engage. Sometimes I have to mash it with what feels like a large amount of finger pressure.

My use of the lower/trigger has been of normal recreational use. I haven't made any modifications to the lower/trigger or installed or uninstalled anything to the lower/trigger. Every part of the trigger group is free of build up and adequately lubed with clp.

Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix this? Having to basically white knuckle the trigger for every shot is causing my accuracy to suffer and I don't like that.

I can provide pictures/video of what I'm talking about if needed.
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Do you guys have any recommendations for guides on how to remove and install a super scar trigger?
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