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Handl defense lower/giessle super scar trigger issue

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I own a Belgian SCAR 17s with a gen 2 handl defense lower. I bought this gun from a previous owner. As far as I know the handl defense lower came shipped with the giessle super scar trigger already installed.

Recently the super scar trigger has declined in the responsiveness and quality of the trigger pull. What this means is that it takes noticeably more force to have the trigger engage. Sometimes I have to mash it with what feels like a large amount of finger pressure.

My use of the lower/trigger has been of normal recreational use. I haven't made any modifications to the lower/trigger or installed or uninstalled anything to the lower/trigger. Every part of the trigger group is free of build up and adequately lubed with clp.

Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix this? Having to basically white knuckle the trigger for every shot is causing my accuracy to suffer and I don't like that.

I can provide pictures/video of what I'm talking about if needed.
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Never heard of that before. Remove the lower from the upper and inspect the trigger function. Just don't let the hammer slam into the front of the housing when pulling the trigger. Put your hand or thumb in front of the hammer to catch it. Hopefully, the issue will be apparent this way.
Thank you for the reply. I've done this but the issue is still there; too much pressure needed to engage the trigger. What exactly would I be looking for that would be causing the issue?
Yeah, like Grinder said. I'd pull the hammer and trigger out and inspect for any abnormalities. Do you have another SCAR trigger group you can install in the lower to isolate the issue to the lower or the trigger group?
Well ****. I was hoping I wouldn't have to disassemble it but if that's what needs to be done I'll do it.

I've got a spare super SCAR trigger group. What I'll most likely end up doing is installing that one and using the one in the lower currently as the spare. I'll update in a while once it's done.

Do you guys have any recommendations for guides on how to remove and install a super scar trigger?
Final update for anyone still following.

I removed and reinstalled the trigger using the video per LESTER with no issues.

The only issue I could see was that one small spring had rust on it, which I removed. After that I used CLP on all the parts of the trigger assembly and reinstalled everything.

That seemed to have solved the issue and my trigger pull is now the crisp and clean pulll that I remember.

Thank you everyone for your responses.
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