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Ha! I feel stupid even asking, but ya' never know....

I just received my HB and noted the front-heavy nature of it (see other thread I started). Obvious solution would be lighten the barrel, right? In lieu of a hacksaw, could I buy a light barrel (LB) and swap it in in place of the HB?

Just looking at the HB I have, the front stock seems pretty closely fitted to the barrel. Would this stock have to be replaced also?

But really, the big questions are:
- Will FN even sell FNAR barrels alone?
- Are the barrels (even HB for HB and LB for LB) meant to be swapped by a non-factory gunsmith, successfully? (Success would be important.)
- Are the HB and LB mechanically compatible at the junction to the receiver?
- Could an end-user do the swap and have the gun work (i.e., feed cartridge, fire, eject cartridge, etc.) immediately? (OK, I'll settle for only having to re-zero the scope)?

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