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Hi folks

just found this forum since I'm looking for some info on an FN Mauser hunting rifle in 300 WinMag I've bought about a year ago. Hope that somebody here may have some info on the rifle and possibly a good guess one the price since I'm thinking about selling it.

I'm originally from Germany, have lived in New Zealand for some three years and have moved to Grand Rapids/Michigan about seven years ago.

Most of the time I hang out on the SigForum since I'm interested in getting a P210 or X-Five and so some stuff needs to go, including the hunting rifle that does get to see the woods about once a year, most of the time without being fired, haha.

Not sure in which of the forums to post the pics and questions but I'll sure find out today.

Thanks and enjoy your Christmas

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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