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Hello from New York

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been a police officer in NYS for over 8 years and have been into firearms for most of my life. I recently purchase my first FN firearm (a black FS2000) and really look forward to shooting it and enjoying it. I hope to learn more about the weapon system from other members in this forum and maybe even purchase a SCAR in the near future. Thanks,

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Welcome!! :? :?
Welcome :)

Enjoy your FS2000! I wish I had one.
Welcome Stan! Glad to have you aboard!

Thank you all!

I'll have to warn ya....Once you get one fn...you won't be able to stop at that! Next thing you know, you be at the gun shop getting another!! :shock:

btw, how many do you have now iceman?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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