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It was almost on a whim when I traded my XD 45 for the FNP 45. I've always wanted an FN gun so here was my chance.


How new is the FNP 45? I can't find anything for this gun in stores like Gander Mountain or even a few police outfitters in my area.

I loved my Fobus plastic holster that I had with my XD and I want something like that for my FNP45. Any ideas? Model numbers would help..

Anyone have a line on a tactical light that mounts on the accessory rail? The last guy I asked looked at me like I was speaking Japanese, but I think he was more confused about the fact I was carrying a FN and not something "normal."
Hell.. who wants to be like everyone else?

I just saw that shooters back from FN if you bought the FNP40. Does that all still work if you get the FNP45?

Anyway... thanks for putting up with me and I'm sorry if this has been asked before.
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