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Mike Hammer said:
Just wanted to introduce myself. I am one of the individuals behind magazineparts.com. Glad to see another forum dedicated to the PS90! Hopefully it will remain open to all aspects of the gun including refinishing that ugly receiver!
Welcome to the forum Mike!

I have not set an advertizing policy yet cause I just do not have time. But - any manufacturer that has anything of value for the PS90 needs to be recognized and included.

This is what I have in mind. Any forum supporter will get:

1.Their own forum
2.Their products featured under accessories
3.Ad banner on the left hand side or the top of home page
4.Link under links
5.Link under dealers

So far, for free - cause I have no idea about fee structure. The only reason I would charge fees, is that in about a week, this forum is going to start chewing bandwith for which i'm going to have to pay.

So for now, it's first come firs serve. If you know of any other manufacturer that would like to participate.

If the above is fine with you, I will make it happen tonight. If not, that is allright too.

Once again - welcome - and many thanks for producing accessories for this fine weapon.

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