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Help an indecisive guy out...Tavor vs. CZ EVO

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Well, it has come time to plan out my next firearm purchase. I really want a handy 9mm carbine or sbr.

I've been pretty jazzed about the upcoming CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1. My plan was to get my greasy paws on it and submit a Form 1 the same day. But I'm sort of being swayed by the Tavor in 9mm. I figure the CZ will be in short supply when it comes out. Also, I still haven't seen any clear info on the availability of stocks. I figure with the cost of the gun, the stamp, engraving and stock...I'm closing in on the Tavor price tag. Plus, there's the bonus of not paying the $200 "permission slip" with the Tavor. Those things are starting to add up.

I figure either one will be compact (or at least fairly compact) and a nice host to one of the Octanes I have pending.

So any opinions either way?*

*keep in mind that I have terrible habit of doing something wildly off topic.
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u have enough bull-pups
:NO: One can never have enough! More is better!
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At what point will you be expanding your gun safe to the larges Liberty available. :tongue:
He just needs to shuffle things around a little! mainly just kick out the cats and he has room for a few more! :-D:lol:
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