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Help Identify Wacky Grip

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So, I like weird guns and gun bits. A local shop has an AR-15 with a wacky grip on it. It wraps up and connects to where you'd attach a regular trigger guard for a lower that didn't have one built in.

Does anyone here happen to know the proper name for this type of grip? The shop guys say it's a bump fire grip.

Thanks in advance,
Hard Eight
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looks like a paintball gun double trigger. so lets look at it a little...there is a bolt at the top in front of the triger with a pin and keeper on it so it moves the groove look to have your hole hand wrap in it, 2 fingers above and below. top linkage loots to slide backwards and i would guess there is a mechanism in the grip. there is an arm behind the trigger as well. i would bet that its a mechanical trigger reset to mimic full auto but sense its still 1 shot per trigger pull its still legal. just observations. but it is possible that from the looks of the bottom part of the "trigger" arm that moving it forward is important as well. maybe fires as you pull and push so may be early bump fire trigger.

would be interesting to have in the safe. a bit unique.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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