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Help me choose- PS90 White Ring or Black Ring Site

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I have spet some time here on the forum looking into this and am pretty much ready to pull the trigger. There is a PS90 here in town for sale, green with the white ring site no one likes for 1,650.00 or I can order one from my FFL for $1,550.00 with the site of my choice. I suspect some of you have both so which one would you choose?

-White Ring Site with REM2.


-BLack Ring Site.

Thanks to everyone for all the great information. It does not happen without people taking the time to contribute their knowelge and expierence.
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Black Ring sight, especially for that price for the white ring sight.
Will not work on the Black Ring Sight since there is no light collector at the rear.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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