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HELP... UPDATE-05/29/08

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OK, 1st of all - I love my FS2K...

That being said - MY F#&KING CHARGING HANDLE BROKE!!!!!

There, it's off my chest... Anyway, I know this has been a problem w/these, and I know (at least pretty sure) that "Bob" at FNUSA is the guy to talk to. I called Cust Svc and kind of got the run-around. They told me: 1 - She hadn't heard of this problem... C'mon. 2 - I'd have to send the part or RIFLE back... give me a break, it's mounted w/a roll-pin. 3 - The part is not in stock... UNCLE!

Does anyone have Bob's direct line and/or voice mail? Looking for that great Cust Svc I have been reading about.

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Bob Ailes
Customer Support Manager
703-288-3500 ext. 122
[email protected]
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