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HELP... UPDATE-05/29/08

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OK, 1st of all - I love my FS2K...

That being said - MY F#&KING CHARGING HANDLE BROKE!!!!!

There, it's off my chest... Anyway, I know this has been a problem w/these, and I know (at least pretty sure) that "Bob" at FNUSA is the guy to talk to. I called Cust Svc and kind of got the run-around. They told me: 1 - She hadn't heard of this problem... C'mon. 2 - I'd have to send the part or RIFLE back... give me a break, it's mounted w/a roll-pin. 3 - The part is not in stock... UNCLE!

Does anyone have Bob's direct line and/or voice mail? Looking for that great Cust Svc I have been reading about.

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Bob Ailes
Customer Support Manager
PO Box 697
McLean, VA 22101
T: 703-288-1292 ext-122
F: 703-288-1730

And, what has been said before is that the packaging for some of the FS2000s put stress on the rifle while in the box.

They have replaced the handle, and paid for shipping both ways for those affected in the past. However, I believe they will make U send the gun in.

Anyway - call Bob - He'll hook ya up.
Talk to crit dimensions - although, I don't think he ownes an FS2000 - in order to have the gun as a reference...
j-rod said:
Got ahold of Bob today... Sending me the repacement charging handle free of charge.

Thank god I didn't have to send to whole rifle back.

+1 To Bob and his Cust Svc :shock:
Wow. Wasn't sure that they would do that - kewl beans...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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