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Hey 45 acp shooters! cheap (Hydra-Shok) ammo!

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For all you 45 shooters here's a great deal.
Cheaperthandirt.com has Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Law Enforcement 230gr (P45HS1G) ammo for $27.97 per box of 50.
I usually buy my ammo from midwayusa.com but they have been out of hydras for awhile so I was shopping around and found this.
Per 100rds the price comparatively is Midway $117.45 to Cheaper Than Dirt's $55.94.
I just got mine via FedEx so I know it's not a misprint.
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thanks for the update my local guns shops have been out for a while and ive been wanting to put some in my usp. Anyone know of a good mag loader?
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