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Hey U 5.7 reloaders

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I know Wildeye, panaceabeachbum and a few other regulars here are reloaders.

How about cooking up a how to post with some info that other reloaders could use. Maybe with some pics. I'll sticky it afterwards.

New members here might find some help from it :)
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I'd love to see something like this. I used to reload .41 Magnum a looonnng time ago.

I have an old RCBS cast iron reloader. You have to do a single operation at a time with it. I'd be curious if I should invest in a new rig.

I don't have a bench now, so I'd love to see some bench ideas.

I also wonder how many reloads you can get and how reliable things are as the laquer rubs off.

Any tips would be appreciated.
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