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Hi From Texas (DFW)

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HI from Dallas, TX.

I actually joined in April but just got around to purchasing my first FN. I am picking up my PS90 TriRail (black) on Tuesday. Already purchased ammo and will not be looking at different accessories. I am suppose to also purchase a Five Seven on Saturday but may delay that purchase in favor of a second PS90.........not sure if I need a pistol and I guess I don't need a second PS90 but can ya ever have too many???? Was going to look at the FN2000 Tactical but didn't want to have to buy yet another caliber ammo. Might still research that one again.

Looking forward to shooting the PS90. I looked at them when they first came out and wanted one but kept telling myself to "look the other way". I finally just gave in and hopefully will not regret it.

This forum is great.........fabulous information which I'm going to read over again tonight.
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:) Welcome to the club! I have 2 PS90s myself. one with the White Sight and one Tri-Rail. :shock: Got to have 2!!!!
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