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Hi Power surplus issue

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Don't know if I'm posting this the right section, so mod's, move if necessary.

Bought a surplus Hi Power from a local LGS about a month ago....I had the obvious wear from use, but didn't rattle, action seemed stiff, but smooth. Ran a couple of mags through it with no issues. Next time I went to the range, ran a mag through without issue, reloaded and started firing off the reset, and got one shot. Action locked up. Would not rack. Took it to another LGS and after some work, got the action open, brass had not ejected. Didn't think anything of it, until the next range day. To be safe, and make sure I kept track of rounds, loaded 5 rounds in the mag...pulled the trigger, Bang....locked again. Bagged it up and took it home....got it open and clear and field stripped it.....the hook on the bottom of the barrel was almost broken off!!!!

Mentioned this to the LGS I bought it from, and was pretty much told...we don't check em, just put em in the case....so I'm kinda screwed...gotta get a new barrel, of course, but I just got the schematic because I'm concerned what else could be wrong inside it....don't want to buy a barrel and have a useless gun.

My question to y'all is, do you feel the LGS should be responsible in any part of this, or should I just chalk it up to buying a surplus gun and getting what I get???
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Surplus is surplus. You kind of take your chances, sometimes you get a diamond, sometimes a lemon.
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