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A Highland Park man's recent lawsuit against his town, challenging the constitutionality of its ban on assault weapons, has landed in federal court, according to court documents.

Arie Friedman, a Highland Park pediatrician, along with the Illinois State Rifle Association, filed suit against Highland Park on Dec. 12 in response to the city's new ban on assault weapons. Last summer, Highland Park was one of several Chicago suburbs that raced to enact municipal ordinances regulating or banning the use of assault weapons before the state's concealed carry law pre-empted home-rule authority.

Friedman, a Republican who lost a race for state Senate in November 2012, has requested an injunction against the ban, claiming the ordinance infringes upon his Second Amendment rights, according to the complaint.
On Thursday, Steven Elrod, Highland Park's attorney, requested that the case be removed from Lake County Circuit Court and taken before a federal judge.

"The City Council believes the ban is constitutional and wanted to provide maximum protection to its residents, visitors and property owners," Elrod said.

Friedman, who could not be reached, owns semi-automatic rifles prohibited by the ban, with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, which also are banned, according to the complaint.

"Dr. Friedman keeps and maintains the firearms and ammunition magazines described above for lawful purposes, including recreational target shooting and defense of his home and family," the complaint states.

Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns should not be defined as assault weapons, said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, co-plaintiff in the suit.

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