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You forgot the PTR-91's

Cetme's are good guns if you get a good one and you want a shooter.. Some are pickey and others you cant even jam with scary indian ammo <- (Dont shoot that crap it goes Kaboom) I have about 4K in mine and it still shoots the same as it did.

I got my Cetmes when they where $340 bucks each :D and have been very happy with them.

As for the H&K I would never shoot it so I can resell it.

PTR-91's are great! some of the early ones are picky and there a little pricey but there good shooters.

Never shot a Springfield one but I like the way they feel.

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I have a CETME and an HK 91 and a M1A1. I like the M1A1 best for its trigger pull and it doesn't get hot to hold like the CETME. The HK gets warm also but seems to be a smoother function. The M1A1 is also WAY more acurate then the CETME or the HK.
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