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Holster for FNX45 with and without a light

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I just got my FNX45 a few days ago and want a get a tac light to go with it. I'm sure this has been brought up here before, but I would also like to find an OWB holster that would work bothwith and without the light. I have seen a few options, like this one guardianconcealment.com ? Guardian Concealment ? FNP/FNX 45 Holsters ? Light Bearing that are made specific to a certain light and can also work without the light. Problem is I don't have the light yet and would prefer the option to change out the light if I want. Any suggestions on a holster or am I asking too much for an all-in-one, one size fits all holster.
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I have a griffon that holds better with the light but is very supportive without.

I have the same set up for my usp. Works the same.

I'm looking to sell my FNX. I just like the USP more. If I decide to part it out I'll list the holster and mag wells here.

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