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Holster Promo for FNP-45

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I sent a question via email to FN regarding the shooters pack for the FNP-45 pistol. Not the response I wanted but I figure I should post it here to let others know.

I see you will be giving a free "FN Shooters Pack" with the purchase of any FNP-9 or FNP-40 pistol.

Does this apply to the FNP-45 pistol as well? I have just purchased one of your fine FNP-45 handguns and was wondering if the promotion applied to my pistol as well.


Hello Matt,
The promotion does not apply to the FNP-45.

Amy Ruby
703-288-1292 ext. 152

Oh well. :(
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yeah, kind if a drag as I'm looking at the prospect of dropping over a hundred bucks for a duty holster for mine. I hope bladetech hurries up with it.
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