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Additional range time needed...

(Memphis) Audrienne Owens said criminals have targeted her neighborhood for years. She thought they got better until her son came running to her around lunch time.
“My son said, ‘Momma I heard a gunshot’ and I looked in and police were there”, said Owens.

Police said the man living in a home just down the block called 911 saying he heard someone breaking the glass of his rear window. By the time officers got there, the home owner had come face to face with the men coming through his window and he shot at them. One was hit and found a block away.

“It’s not you taking the law in your hands; it’s exercising your right as a citizen” said another woman who didn’t want her identity revealed.
She said her gun is always loaded and she’s ready to protect herself. She said criminals will never get the message unless we stand up and show them we’re ready to fight back.

“If you’re foolish enough to put your life on the line. I’m not. I want to live”, she said.
Police are still searching for the second man who supposedly was trying to break into the home and others in this Hickory Hill area say they’re proud of their neighbor for protecting himself.

Read/see more: Homeowner Shoots Alleged Burglar | WREG.com

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These people need to be trained to be better shots so that there won't be any badguys escaping!
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