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Here is the evolution of my IWB holster for my FNP9:

Simple mold press 2x2x3/4 ply and foam lined:

fresh out the press and pre-marked for trimming:

Removing everything NOT a holster via El Dremel:

Everything trimmed up and ready for final edge sanding:

And finally, finished & tested for comfort/concealing:

After about 10 days of using it off and on, I gotta say it's pretty good. Hides nicely under my FN t-shirt and is fairly comfortable, other than a bit of pinch when leaning over from the driver's side to passenger side. But how often do I need to do that? Total build time is around 3 hrs, including shaping the J-hook and drilling holes. Kydex sheet ran me about $5 orginally so costs are down and wait time was a min. ;)
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