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House Bill Seeking Elimination of Online Ammo Purchase

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This will likely not happen, but it is worth sharing.
Proposed legislation would require “Face to face purchases of ammunition”
A proposed House bill introduced by a freshman democrat would eliminate the ability for consumers to purchase ammo over the internet.
Introduced on Tuesday by New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, H.R. 2283, known as the “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015,” primarily seeks to “require face to face purchases of ammunition.”
“This bill would take the most basic steps to slow the proliferation of guns and ammunition, helping to prevent events like what we saw in Aurora, Colorado three years ago,” Coleman announced in a press release. “Congress can, and must do more to keep our families safe, and we’re urging them to do just that.”
The bill, which has already been co-sponsored by 30 House Democrats, would also require the federal government to issue licenses to ammunition dealers, in addition to requiring them to report bulk ammo purchases of over 1,000 rounds by “unlicensed persons.”
» House Bill Seeks to Eliminate Online Ammo Sales Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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Eh, I don't see this going anywhere. The Republicans in Congress are gnerally spineless cowards, but this would definitely be a major blow to them during reelection primaries. No way it'll pass.
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I wonder how this would affect reloading supplies.
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