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They used MAC video's for demonstration! They could have picked some better footage though.

It may not stand a chance of getting out of committee, but they are still spouting lies, and spreading mis-information to those that are ignorant on the subject.
Seen that coming from 10 miles away. There's hundred of videos (if not thousands) of X type of ammo against X type of body armor. Should we have to take them down? No. She would we take them down? Yes. Because giving these idiots evidence is just... Well I don't need to elaborate. If it was one of my videos being used I'd be pissed and especially if they succeeded. Let's face it. Most of those in power and in government don't know what we know because to them guns are just a political issue not a way of life or an important part of history. It's easy to prove that. Talk to one of them. Better yet talk to an average American non gun owner and ask them what they think about guns. Most will shrug and profess that they don't care. Others will vehemently protest them Because there babies mamas brothers great uncle Ray Ray was killed by one. Point is the majority of Americans are ignorant when it comes to firearms and listen to what the news tells them. Politicians I fear, are no different. That's why we as a community need to educate them. As pissed as we are we need to keep our heads and be rational.
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