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I’ve often wondered how so many politicians who are otherwise conservative right-minded people can fall into the anti-gun crowd. In Mississippi there has been a steady line of local mayors and city councilmen who are proposing and passing no gun ordinances. When you talk to these men and women they are generally conservative people and often quick to claim their NRA membership as proof of their pro-gun stance. Just try telling one of them, like I did, they are following in President Obama’s footsteps and see their reaction. It was not good.

Recently I’ve been reading Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and “Enemies of the State”
and I’ve discovered what I think may be one little piece of the puzzle. In the early 30s as Hitler was rising to power in Germany one of his strategies was to build evil “boogeymen” to justify some of his extreme policies. Hitler searched out examples of Jews doing things that anyone would agree was evil and he used those examples to build fear. Once the German people had been exposed to a constant parade of evil Jews they began to fear all Jews believing they were all responsible for these evil deeds. The Nazi Party then simply went about “protecting the citizens” from the evil Jews.

The ruling class in our nation have spent years campaigning against independence, freedom and liberty. Gun ownership creates a since of independence and freedom so they have used the media to portray anyone who owns a gun as extreme and dangerous. So now when laws are passed like Mississippi’s House Bill 2 that highlights citizens right to carry a firearm for protection our local politicians run scared of these “boogeymen” citizens with a gun. Exactly like the local police and politicians reacted to Jews with guns in the 1930′s in Germany.
So What do we do?
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