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Well this is more than what you asked for... but I tend to ramble sometimes. :D

I do not have a FNP9, but I will tell you what I do when I buy a new firearm. I read the owners manual first.

Before I shoot it I field strip it. I want to make sure I know and understand how it works.

The gun has probably been test fired so I clean the barrel and inspect the slide and trigger group. I load the mags that came with it and pop the rounds out by hand. Then I load a mag again and cycle a few rounds by pulling the slide back. This is definitly a time to be extra careful.

If that went okay I shoot it. I don't follow the "break in" guys. My break in is firing and sighting in the firearm and then taking it home and cleaning it like I do any other gun I own. I never clean barrels to a clean white patch. I clean until they look clean using a bore light and then I leave a coat of oil in the bore before I put it away.

Everyone is different. We use different solvents and greases, we clean to our comfort. I go with with what works for me. I oil and lube the internals heavier than most folks and do not scrub a barrel as much as others.

I understand why precision shooters and hunters clean their bores better than I do and I understand why our troops oil and lube less than I do. But I shoot paper most of the time and my accuracy is always good and my guns never fail to fire unless the ammo is bad.

What should you do before blasting away? Read the book and clean the gun. And clean it when you are done. :wink:

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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