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How long does it take ?

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I am waiting to be shipped out today. I'm just wondering if they are or not. He only has one left and I paid for mine Friday. I ordered from gunbroker. He has lots of awesome feed back.
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U never mentioned the vendor U bought from...
Tanner is where it is comming from. He told me it would be here wednesday but I didn't get a tracking number . This kind of screws things up a bit since I will be working out of town all this week. It don't matter anyways it's for my wife since I already have a black ring. I told her that we would get her a new sight later. i just hope she don't have a prob picking it up since I won't be home until 10:00 pm all week. I bought it with my card but It will be in her name . I don't want it in mine. Hell she is crazy.
The people at Tanners are very prompt with delivery as I have bought one from them recently and they are top notch. I am not sure if they gave me a tracking number or not, but they said it would be there at a certain time and it was at my dealers as they said. Congrats on the rifle.

When I ordered mine, I think it arrived two days following ship date. So, Wednesday sounds accurate.
Hey, Monkey . . . :-D (I enjoyed saying that!)

Congrats on your recent purchase!
Hey man,

Don't worry about Tanner's. I bought mine from him as well last month. I would spend money with him anytime. In my personnal opinion, if you don't buy from Tanner then you paid too much!

If anyone from Tanner's is reading this I want to go ahead and establish the copyright to your new sales pitch. How about a Tactical FS2000 with optic, an IOM FiveseveN and free ammo for life! LOL

Just kidding. Well, feel free if you want to though....?!?!?
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