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How many stamps would be needed?

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:p If 1 has a pistol and want to put a stock on it then 1 needs a SBR stamp since it is now a short barreled rifle. but then when 1 wants to take the stock off and mount it (pistol) underneath an AR it now is a AOW and that need also a stamp.

But then 1 wants to mount a vertical hand-guard on the pistol either off or on the rifle does 1 need another stamp?
So how many stamps would be needed to cover all 3 scenarios?

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When in doubt, try asking your local CLEO. They should be well versed in NFA laws and regs in and from the USC
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Now that's funny. :-D
Whats even funnier is trying to get a straight answer from the BATFE.
They put out stupid regulations then reverse their decisions.

If the BATFE were to properly make calls to begin with, ie refuse to enforce the unconstitutional USC NFA, Hughes, and other such unconstitutional amendments of their own volition and free will, that is the only time I would place my trust in them.
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I wish people stop asking atf anything it just opens up rulings to more of their bull$hit

Good point.
I suggested the CLEO because it is the local law enforcement who would be enforcing the laws and as such, making the decisions if citations and/or arrests are within their powers.

Youre right, asking the BATFE is like a sheep asking a wolf not to eat him.
Look what happened to the SigBrace. The then BATF said it was OK but reversed their regulatory descision when they became the BATFE under the DOJ.
Why would you want to do this anyway? It's the equivalent of buying a $200 spork to use as a bayonet?!?! Don't get it...no offense...
It's the coolness factor. Like the Master Key firearm setup.

Besides, a spork bayonet could give you a tactical advantage: a bad guy breaking into your house sees a spork at the end of your barrel. He laughs himself to death so you don't have to shoot him.
That saves you a lot of explanation to the cops when they respond to your emergency call
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