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How many?

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Here is a general question, I'm not trying to pry, just curious?
In general how many weapons do you own?
Would you consider your self an arsenal?
The only reason I ask is I heard a while back in my state anything more than 10 per household and you would have be considered an arsenal. It died of course but I'm wondering if that won't come again in the future. Plus everybody is saying Buy, BUY, BUY and I'm wonding if I'm on par with everyone or lagging woefull behind.
I'll admit, I have an "arsenal" also. Only by a couple though! I'd like to ad more, but I'm torn between the underfolder ak's and the SKS's cheap prices. I have the feeling that the AK will go from 450 dollar guns to full 1000 dollar guns in the next six years or so. I've been saving up for a Reising or a Class 3 of some sort. But I may just sink it all in AK's and SKS's. But then I'll be well in a double digits of ownership! Then again if a new ban on mags happens wouln't it prudent to stock up on high cap mags? I dont' know, just thinking out loud I guess.
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Not enough :lol: I currently have my eyes and ears open for an older 30.30 at my price (cheap) I'll find one someday :?
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