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Until the shortage of S&W Shield Plus Mags is over... Here is how to turn a S&W Shield mag into a Shield Plus Mag.

You will need any S&W Shield mag. (I used an 8 rd mag for this demonstration)


A stick of JB Weld Steel Stick.


A Dremel and Sand Paper. (If you don't have a Dremel, Sand Paper will work fine alone. A Dremel makes it much easier)

Lets first compare the Similarities and the Differences between the Shield Mag and the Shield Plus Mag.
The Top of both Mags are almost identical and will feed the 9mm round smoothly into the chamber. Both mags will stay open on the last round.
The Shield Mag is thinner and will need to be thickened in order to fit into the Shield Plus Mag well.
The Shield magazine catch hole is situated lower than the Shield Plus mag catch hole but since the Shield mag is also thinner we will need to build up a new Mag Catch location.

Shield Mag

Shield Plus Mag

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Take the Shield Magazine and score the area above the Mag Catch location and down the valley of the mag.
This is on the RIGHT side of the mag. (If you have switched to a lefty then the mag catch will be on the left side of the mag) This where you will put the Steel Epoxy.


Also score the valley on the left side of the mag. This is where you will put the steel epoxy.


Take the Shield Plus Pistol and rack back the slide so it stays open.
Then oil the entire magazine well area including the mag catch on the inside of the well.


The next part is a little tricky and the epoxy hardens fast so you will only be able to do one side of the magazine at a time.
Cut about a half inch of the Steel stick epoxy and work it together and push it down just above the Mag Catch on the right side and down the valley.


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In your right hand take the Pistol and press and hold the Mag Catch button down. With your left hand take the Mag and slide it all the way up into the mag well. Look down into the open slide to make sure the top of the mag is all the way up and CENTERED. Also make sure the bottom of the mag is centered in the Mag well. Now RELEASE the Mag button and press it down from the other side to make an indentation onto the epoxy. Wait 15 to 30 seconds while the epoxy hardens.
Press and hold the Mag Catch open while you slide out the magazine.


Your magazine should now have a new mag catch indentation.


Wait about 15 minutes to give this a little hardening time. study the epoxy on the right side and see how tall it is.
Now cut about a 1/2 inch of steel epoxy from the stick and blend it together and press it down the valley on
the left side so it sticks up a little more than the right side.
Press and hold the Mag Catch button again and slide the Mag into the Mag well and push it all the way up. It will be
more difficult because the epoxy will be forming to fit the well. Make sure it is centered on the bottom and top. Release the Mag Catch button again and wait 15 to 30 seconds while it hardens.
It is going to be difficult to pull the mag out of the gun because it is form fitted. You might have to jiggle the mag back and forth break the connection between the Mag and Mag well.
PRESS AND HOLD the Mag Release button again while you pull out the mag.


Wait 24 hours to let the Epoxy harden 100%. Then you can do a little sanding on the epoxy so the mag will drop out smoothly when you hit the Mag Release Button. The dremel comes in handy to deepen the Mag Catch indentation on the right side of the mag if you so desire but it might not be necessary. It is also useful to clean up any ugly epoxy areas.

BTW I cut off the back end of the plastic grip extension because the palm of my hand kept hindering the Mag from dropping free when I wanted to reload. Now it drops free perfectly.

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