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How's everybody doing? I'm looking forward to sucking up much info on a group of weapons that I've "known" about for a while but never really paid much attention to. My mistake.

A little about myself:

I'm a Cop from Central NJ and post over on Sigforum and Glocktalk from time to time as well. My wife and I are animal friendly and as a result we have a Rottweiler, a horse, (American Quarterhorse), a cat, two ferrets, three turtles in a tank, and some fish. I'm VERY 2nd amendment friendly and believe a lot of the problems in this country can be fixed or midigated, by respecting the 2nd amendment. Finally, I'm a bad speller with a good vocabulary so good luck. ;)

I just want to throw this in because I have no idea where I'll use this elsewhere:
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