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So after someone suggested the HSGI Taco I started browsing their site. I've been wanting to get a bunch of stuff for a while and so far I like theirs the most from what i've seen. Going to spend a somewhat large amount on gear including;

Several more double tacos,
pistol tacos,
bleeder blowout pouch,
med pouch,
dump pouch,
sure grip padded belt with cobra belt insert,
drop down leg panel,

From the reviews i've read there are very little complaints and a lot of people love the gear. Supposed to hold up extremely well even after a couple years of heavy use.

Anyone use some or all of this? Any reason not to buy this and look at something else? I'd rather get quality than save a few bucks. I feel like i'd be buying an entire store, but so far I like the videos and reviews of their gear more than Ares or 5.11.
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