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I am a puertorican living in Green Bay WI and i just got my first gun ever.

Since I was a little kid I wanted a caliber .40 :shock: ..... since came out i should say.....I always look at magazine guns ana ammo....i had at list 300 of them.....

And this past weekend after and extensive review of site and comment on difrents guns I norrow it down to 2 guns. the sig 40 and the FNP 40 . Grip , price and over all look got my eye. I love my FNP 40 ..... love the way it handle and the way it sound. when I when to the range everybody came to me because of the unic look of the gun and the way that sound when it fire...very impresive fire power ......still havent get use to it as far as hiting my target but as time pass i am getting better ....tomorrow I am goint to an indoor shooting range for the first time and we will se how is the reaction. i will post some picture later next week.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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