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I am thinking about buying FN FNX 9mm.
I need some honest opinions about this particular firearm.
From the forum, so far, I have seen quality control/problems like
1) "heat issue"
2) trigger reset issue
3) magazine seating issue
4) back strap issue
5) reliability issues
etc etc
All these issues resolved now? I have called FN today and asked a representative about warranty of FN pistols.
The representative told me there is no written warranty but they will fix problems upto 5 years from the date of purchase.
He said only upto 5 year is the warranty even though it is not written any where.
Can you guys please give me some feedback on FN FNX 9mm?
Do you guys still have problems with FNX 9s made after 2014?
How's reliability?
Honest opinion please.
Thank you.

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I hope there are no problems since I just got mine out of jail and taking it to the range tomorrow :arrow:
#1 - not sure yet
#2 - will need to research this one
#3 - no issues noticed with dry practice
#4 - I do have a little gap with my back strap but it's so small that movement is almost nothing. Does it bother the OCD part of me, yes. Does it impact handling or manipulation, no.
#5 - TBD

I'll provide additional feedback if anything changes.

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Buy now, thank me later :)
I've had mine for over a year and 1850 rounds of steel cased ammo through it without a single issue! I haven't had any of the issues mentioned above.
Hope this helps. I just put 400 rounds through it a ccouple of weeks ago of the dirtiest tula steel with zero failures.
I am thoroughly impressed with how reliable it is, it has become my choice for concealed carry.
Good luck.

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Honestly? Well, OK.
Yup. Just buy it.
Fired shell casing date - 6/26/13.
Purchased new by me - July 2014.
Issues 1 through 3 - Nope, can't say I ever had any problems.
Issue 4 - Didn't even notice a backstrap issue until I kept reading forums where people harped on it like the grip was falling off. But I'll admit to putting a drop of hot glue under the backstrap to address that psychologically debilitating 1/32 inch gap. Didn't have to, but did it just the same.
Issue 5 - Just went over 2,000 rounds on mine. Never a single failure or issue of any kind.
The FNX 9 is my favorite pistol and currently gets the most range time. A lot of my firearms are seeing a lot of safe time as a result. I'm really a fan of this pistol.
I hope your experience is similar.
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