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Just got back from the range And finally broke this thing in. All I can say is WOW this has to be the fastest semi-auto I have ever fired This thing is a regular bullet hose :-x

And with the right ammo groups very well. I took a broad range of ammo that had been laying around here for years and it ate every piece of it. There was one failure to feed with one old high brass birdshot but it shot everything else flawlessly. Low brass economy stuff and buckshot as well as slugs.

The one buckshot it really liked was a Federal reduced recoil with Flite-control wad. It managed about a 1 foot pattern @ 25 yards. The old Winchester cheap buckshot was about a 2 foot pattern @ 25 yards with a very noticeable doughnut effect going on.

So I reckon I will just buy some Federal ammo for it and be happy :D

All that said I was very pleased with this new shotgun and will have no problems using it for home defence as well as anything else I want to.

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Congrats and enjoy! :? Glad you liked your FN feel free to collect more! :shock:
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