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I love Nightforce and would still own any of their optics, but I did have a small issue with one of their Unimounts.

The mount came to me with one of the crossbolts, the lower one, canted clockwise (or counter depending on reference). I didn't notice this until I took the scope off and found a lug on my rail dented from the mount being pushed towards the rail lug unevenly by the force of firing (its a light rifle in 30-06 so its a pretty hefty force). This is overall a great mount, I think it was just assembled wrong and nobody caught it at their factory. I called Nightforce and they were very helpful, sending me an RMA for the defective one then a new mount a few weeks later.

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The Deer gun is back in action, I'm zeroing it later today. Just an FYI for anyone buying a NF Unimount. An experienced gun nut would probably think to look at the crossbolts prior to mounting for this issue (I will now!) but like they say....experience is something you get right after you need it.
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