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If you were me, how would you suppress an MPX?

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Hi all,

I have MPX and an Advanced Armament Tirant 9S suppressor. I beleive the Sig MPX barrel treading is 13.5x1. Should I get a 13.5x1 LH piston and a fixed barrel spacer or go with a 3 lug mount along with an AAC Tirant Triad adapter?
Or, would you go an entirely different route?
If you suggest 3 lug, can you please recommend where to purchase the mount and adapter from? AAC is out of stock on the Tirant Triad adapter and so far, I have not found any 13.5x1 LH 3 lug mounts.

Also, I know I already asked this in another thread, but have not had any reaponses thus far. Will a B.A.D. Lever work on the MPX?

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Much less expensive to go with the piston, and theyre usually in stock at silencer shop.
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