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An Indianapolis Police Officer shot in the line of duty is suing the gun dealer who sold the weapon used.

Two years ago, Officer Dwayne Runnels was shot in the hip during a traffic stop by convicted felon Demetrious Martin.
Now, he and the Brady Center to Protect Gun Violence are suing KS&E Sports for selling a firearm through a straw purchase to Martin.
"Most gun dealers care about the public cost of what they are doing with guns, and most gun dealers decline sales and partner with law enforcement to prevent guns from being headed to the streets," said John Lowey of the Brady Center. "Unfortunately there are some that don't, that are willing to put profits over people. And right now, all of the costs of that irresponsible conduct is born by people like Officer Runnels."

The lawsuit accuses KS&E of selling hundreds of crime guns, placing it in the top 1 percent of crime gun sellers in the country.
Runnels says he hopes the suit sets a new precedent for safety and background checks.
"Gun owners like me understand better than anyone that we all need to do everything we can to keep the guns out of the criminals' (hands) like the one who shot me," he said. "I hope this lawsuit will make Indiana and America a safer place.

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